Starting to Change Your LYF

Starting to Change Your LYF

Who Am I?

So you’ve found my blog. You’ve found Lift Your Fitness. You’re probably wondering what exactly you’re reading and why you should continue to do so. Well I’ll tell you why…as soon as I introduce exactly who I am first.

My name is Mark DiMaria, currently of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (that’s the state with Mt. Rushmore in it, though that’s the other side of the state). I’m a fitness fanatic, NPC bodybuilding competitor, marketing professional, and I love to help people out. I’ve been lifting and incorporating fitness into my daily life for the better part of 5 years (I’m 24 as of writing this). I started out going to the gym after a break-up. I thought “Well, I guess I have to start trying to look good again.” I’ve loved it ever since. Some inspirations for my fitness life have been Arnold Schwarzenegger, Calum Von Moger, and Steve Cook among others.

Other than the gym I enjoy my work, spending time with my wife Jenna, playing board games, and anything to do with Harry Potter. Harry Potter is amazing (specifically Gryffindors). Spending time with my family and friends is also a big deal to me. I like playing golf 2-3 times a week in the summer and I play tennis year round (indoors in the winter).

Now that you know a little bit more about me and who I am, let’s continue.

Why a Blog?

At this stage, you might think to yourself, “Why is this guy writing a blog?” That’s a great question. My reasoning is simple, I want to help provide information and education to people who want to get in better shape and feel good about themselves. As the tagline up top says, I want to Change Your Lyf (it’s a play on words). If that sounds like a good deal to you, keep on reading. If not, keep on reading. Basically, just keep reading before making any judgements.

What Am I Blogging About?

So you might not care who I am or why I’m doing this, but you might care about what it is that I’m blogging about. Here on Lift Your Fitness, I’ll be talking about how you can really Change Your Lyf. There will be exercise programs, nutrition tips, recipes, motivation, and much more to help you make the change you want.

If all of this sounds like a lot of other fitness blogs you’ve read, it’s because it is similar, and I encourage you to read more than just my blog. The biggest reason that people are called personal trainers is because they should be PERSONAL. Just because you read something here doesn’t mean that it is the Gospel truth for you personally. What works for one person might not work for another. With that in mind, you’ll be getting all of these tips and tricks from my personal experience and the experiences of people I’m close to.


If all of this sounds like something you would be interested in reading more on, be sure to follow this blog or bookmark this page. If you’re really looking to Change Your Lyf, I promise it will be worth your while. Please subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive email content as well.

Thanks for reading

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