6 Things to Avoid at the Gym

6 Things to Avoid at the Gym

So you got your eight hours of sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. You’ve eaten breakfast, planned and packed your meals for the rest of the day. You eat them right on time, avoiding the brownies and cake that your coworkers brought into the office for Connie’s (or John’s or whoever else’s) birthday. You finish your day at work and now it’s time to hit the gym. The rest of your day has gone swimmingly, but how do you make sure that you make the most of your gym time? You can start by avoiding these things…

1. Being On Your Phone

This one of the most common pitfalls that the average gym-goer falls into. The number of times I see somebody talking on the phone between sets, or texting, or posting a “swelfie” is ridiculous. I’ve even seen people playing games on their phone while performing sets. Personally, nothing kills my workout intensity faster than having to take a phone call or answer a text between sets. Everybody has those emergency situations where you HAVE to answer your phone, but other than that keep it in the locker.

*One exception is when doing some types of cardio, I can’t bike or be on a treadmill long without something distracting me.

2. Getting Social

Sometimes you see your friend(s) at the gym, it’s ok to say hello, but that doesn’t mean you should be having a 20-minute conversation about how things are going at the office. The gym is your time and their time to lift heavy objects off the ground and make some gains. Once you do those things, feel free to chat it up with your buddy.

3. Waiting Around

It’s awesome to have your workout planned ahead of time. In fact, I highly encourage it. You should be going in with a plan to crush it, but sometimes somebody else is on the machine you were planning on using. These are the moments where your fight or flight instinct has to kick in; you must adapt! If somebody is using the Pec Deck, move over to the cables and hit some cable flyes. Switching it up is ok, just don’t sit around and do nothing.

Please don’t do these things at the gym…..just don’t.

4. Losing It Mentally

Your mentality is just as, if not more, important to your success in the gym. If your mind isn’t in it, it might be a good idea to take a break and come back. The mind/muscle connection is a scientific phenomenon that helps you to make the gains you want. Keep your mental focus at the gym and you’ll be helping yourself in the long run.

5. Poor Form

Come on, you had to know this was going to be in here somewhere. Poor form is something that I see on a daily basis at the gym. You need to stop the swinging, overextending, jerking, and half range of motion reps. Keep your form tight and strict to maximize your strength and decrease your chance of injury. It doesn’t matter how much you can lift if you look like an idiot doing it.

6. Eating

Food is important, making sure your diet is on point is crucial. With that in mind, you do not need to be chowing down on a chicken breast or even a protein bar in the middle of the gym, halfway through your workout. Save the food for post-workout refueling. It’s ok to be taking an intraworkout supplement, like some BCAA’s, during your workout, but you don’t need a meal in that time.


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