About LYF

Lift Your Fitness (LYF for short) is a blog dedicated to just that, helping you Lift Your Fitness. Things that you will find on this blog could include: nutrition advice, workout samples, how-to guides for exercises, and much more! What you won’t find on this site? You won’t find any “60 seconds to a six-pack!” or “How to get ripped in 10 days!”. Here at LYF, we believe and know that to get to your goal fitness level, requires time and hard work…not shortcuts.

Lift Your Fitness is owned and operated by me, Mark DiMaria. Fitness is a large part of my life, and I hope that part continues to grow with this site. While I don’t have a formal education of fitness, I have designated a large portion of time to research and understanding fitness and what it takes to become the best you you can be. I truly believe that LYF and myself have a lot to offer those who want to know more about fitness and those that want to change their LYF.

LYF has a very open community. We encourage all readers to comment their thoughts, opinions, and questions on any article that they may read. We will be sure to try to get back to you as soon as we can. We also encourage readers to fact check us! Like I said, we are sure to make sure that the information we provide is accurate and truthful. If you doubt anything we say, be sure to fact check and ask about it!

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